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Bay Area Carnivores

Drosera x Hercules

Drosera x Hercules

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Bare root (no soil+pot), Potted

Great beginner plant for the new hobbyist! We love sundews! This wide leaved variant doesn't appreciate high heat (80+). It will produce larger leaves if sprayed with our Maxsea Carnivorous Plant fertilizer. This sundew does NOT need a winter dormancy. 

You will receive a medium sized plant, one of the pots in the picture. The last two pictures shows what you will be receiving, the first two what it will grow to that size in a few months. 

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Bay Area Carnivores


Why are my leaves turning black?

They eventually get old and die off, they will be replaced with new leaves - ready to catch bugs!

Why isn't there any dew on my sundew?

If it came directly from us, and you just unboxed it, it will eventually regain it's dew after a few days, just give it more sunlight. If it lost it's dew in your care, just provide it more sunlight.

What should I feed my plant?

If you leave your carnivorous plant outdoors, it will catch flies and other insects around the size of gnats or house flies. You can also feed it our carnivorous plant fertilizer.